A & P I - Microscope Lab

  1. Carry a microscope by holding it with one hand around the Arm (G) and the other at the base(L)
  2. Obtain a microscope from the cabinet. Note the number on the storage slot and number on the microscope. When you return the microscope return it to the same place.
  3. In the slide box find the letter "e"
  1. Look at the slide before putting it under the microscope and note the position of the letter "e." Draw the "e" (bottom of paper)
  2. Put the Scanning Power (M) objective on the microscope in position for viewing. Bring the stage(D) all the way up by turning the coarse adjustment knob (J) until it stops turning. Turn the light on.
  3. Place the slide securely in the slide holder of the mechanical stage (H) with the "e" on the slide under the scanning objective on the stage (D).
  4. Focus and center the "e" in the view using the coarse adjustment knob (J) to focus and the mechanical stage knobs to center. Make a drawing of the "e." Compare the drawing to the first drawing in 1. What happened?

  6. Without disturbing the focus in 4. Turn the Nosepiece (B) to low power (N). You should be able to see the "e" and only need to turn the coarse adjustment knob slightly to focus. This ability is called ____________?
  7. After you center the "e" in low power turn the nosepiece to high power (C).
  8. This time use the fine adjustment knob (K) to focus. Very slowly turn the knob to focus.

8. Ocular lens (F) magnification is ______ X

9. Total magnification of scan power ______X

10. Total magnification of low power = ______X

11.Total magnification of high power =_______X

12. Which objective is furthermost from the slide when focused?


13. As you go from scanning power to high power it is necessary to center the object because the field of view becomes _______

14. Name microscope part (O) ___________

  1. Name part (E) _____________________
  2. What is part E. used for?

  3. If the microscope objectives are dirty what do you use to clean them?
  4. If you move the slide to the left under the microscope what direction does the image in the view move?

19. Moving the slide up causes the image to move _____________.

D. Refer to fig.3-4 page 27 in your lab book and make a slide by following the directions in Activity 5. Sketch cells on back of this paper

  1. On pages 522-524. Answer the following sections on the back of this paper: 2, 3, 7, 9,10.

F. When you are finished take the slide off the microscope and put the scan power objective in position and return the microscope and slides to the proper storageplaces.