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Basic Chemistry Biochemistry Cell Structure Mitosis/Cancer Cell Transport DNA Replication
Protein Synthesis Cellular Respiration Skeletal/Joints Muscular Neuron/Synapse Membrane Potentials
Central Nervous System Drugs and Neurotransmitters Special Senses Endocrine

General or Mutiple Animation References

  1. Blausen Medical Animation
  2. Introduction to Anatomy & Physiology: Crash Course A&P #1
  3. First Aid Exercise
  4. ArgosyMedical Animation
  5. Biology 7th editon McGraw Hill
  6. Anatomy & Physiology Animations Marieb
  7. MedMotion (mainly fetal and new born information)
  8. Science - Human Body BBCi
  9. Interactive Health Tutorials MEDLINEplus
  10. Howard Hughes Medical Institute
  11. Interactive Autopsy Australian Museum
  12. Anatomy & Physiology Wiley Publishers
  13. Sumanas Inc. Animations
  14. Medical Gross Anatomy Games University of Michigan
  15. TEDEd Lessons


  1. Properties of Water Sumanas Inc.
  2. Water - Liquid Awesome: Crash Course Biology
  3. Homeostasis in Dutch Gerard Scholte & Ineke Marree
  4. Atom Builder from PBS
  5. Animated Bonds by June B. Steinberg
  6. Structure of Water by John Kyrk
  7. Molecular View of Solution formation Essential Chemistry, 2/e by Raymond Chang
  8. Animated pH scale by John Kyrk
  9. Buffering Essential Chemistry, 2/e by Raymond Chang
  10. Chemistry Animations Essential Chemistry, 2/e by Raymond Chang
  11. Chiral Molecules Nobel Prize Chemistry 2001
  12. Making Solutions Directions Wellesley College
  13. Making a Molar Solution
  14. Chemistry Demos University of Oregon
  15. Four Types of Chemical Reactions Wisconsin Online
  16. Balancing Equations Creative Chemistry
  17. Flash Animations for CHEMISTRY learning PCCL
  18. Interactive Chemistry Quiz zeroBio
  19. Energy Conversion Harvard Education
  20. Measuring Volume Using a Graduated Cylinder Wisc-Online
  21. Reading a Triple Beam Balance Wisc-Online
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  1. Antioxidants Biospecialties
  2. Test for Glucose
  3. Biochemistry The Formation of Ester Bonds in the Synthesis of Lipids Wisconsin Online
  4. Peptid Bond Formation Wisconsin Online
  5. Isomer - Construction Set Fred Senese at Frostburg State University
  6. The Chemical Basis of Life by brightstorm
  7. Lipid Dehydration by June B. Steinberg
  8. Dehydration Synthesis and Hydrolysis by RM Chute
  9. Amino Acid and Peptide Bond Animation by John Kyrk
  10. Life Cycle of a Protein Sumanas Inc.
  11. Protein Secretion Sumanas Inc. (25Mb)
  12. DNA Structure
  13. DNA Structure Sumanas INc.
  14. Journey Into DNA from PBS
  15. DNA anatomy (beautiful!!) by John Kyrk
  16. Biomolecules: The Carbohydrates Wisconsin Online
  17. Biomolecules: The Lipids Wisconsin Online
  18. Biomolecules: Proteins Wisconsin Online
  19. Proteins and Proteomics Annenberg/CPB
  20. Interactive Biochemistry by Rodney F. Boyer
  21. Functional Groups 1 zeroBio
  22. Functional Groups 2 zeroBio
  23. Molecular Structure of Fat HHMI
  24. DNA Wrap Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.
  25. Chemistry Crash Course
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Cellular Structure and Function

  1. Inside the Cell Genetics Science Learning Center
  2. Cell Signals Genetics Science Learning Center
  3. Cell Structure in Dutch Gerard Scholte & Ineke Marree
  4. How to Use the Microscope Wisconsin Online
  5. Comparison of Prokaryote, Animal and Plant Cells by Rodney F. Boyer
  6. Flash animations of Biological Processes by John L. Giannini
  7. Organize It by Leif Saul
  8. Stem Cells Sumanas Inc.
  9. Various Cellular Animations University of Alberta
  10. Simple cell by Terry Brown
  11. Kinesin - Molecular Motor Sinauer Associates Inc., W. H. Freeman Co. and Sumanas Inc.
  12. Kinesin Movie RPI
  13. Cellular Animations by Donald F. Slish
  14. A typical Cell Wisconsin Online
  15. Identifying Eukaryotic Animal Cell Organelles Wisconsin Online
  16. Lysosomes McGraw-Hill
  17. Cytoskeleton Structure
  18. Interactive Cell Quiz zeroBio
  19. Cellular Visions Harvard University
  20. Lipid Bilayer University of Aberdeen
  21. Intermediate Filaments Sumanas Inc.
  22. Cell Signals Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
  23. AMAZING CELLS Genetics Science Learning Center
  24. Enzyme Supstrate Interaction Pearson
  25. A Day in the Life of a Motor Protein Hoogenraad Lab
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  1. CELL wrapping & DNA replication You Tube
  2. Stem Cells GSLC
  3. Cell Division Charles Foote & Edward Chaves Miami Senior High School
  4. Stem Cell Research Dolan DNA Learning Center
  5. Mitosis and Meiosis - Interactive Exercise by Leif Saul
  6. Mitosis vs Meiosis from PBS
  7. How Cancer Grows from PBS
  8. The Cell Cycle Wisconsin Online
  9. How Cells Divide McGraw-Hill
  10. Checkpoints and Cell Cycle Control HHMI Outreach Program
  11. Mistakes in Meiosis Sumanas INc.
  12. Rengenerative Biology HHMI Outreach Program
  13. Cancer
  14. Using p53 to Fight Cancer HHMI Outreach Program
  15. Cancer Biology and Cell Technology McGraw-Hill
  16. The Biology of Cancer MCB-HHMI
  17. Cell Biology and Cancer Annenberg/CPB.
  18. Cancer Warrior NOVA Online
  19. Cancer Quest Emory University
  21. p53: The Guardian of the Genome HMMI
  22. Oncology An Introduction to Cancer Biology Apoptosis Mechanisms in Medicine
  23. Cancer and Research Cancer Research UK
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Cellular Transport

  1. Diffusion, Dialysis and Osmosis Tutorial by RM Chute
  2. Membrane Transport Purdue University
  3. Membranes McGraw-HIll
  4. Interactive Cellular Transport by Rodney F. Boyer
  5. Hypotonic, Isotonic, Hypertonic by June B. Steinberg
  6. Passive and Active Transport Laurent Martorell
  7. Osmosis and Diffusion Dr. Joyti Wagle at HCCS
  8. Construction of the Cell Membrane Wisconsin Online
  9. Passive Transport: Filtration and Facilitated Diffusion
  10. Passive Transport: Diffusion Wisconsin Online
  11. Passive Transport: Osmosis Wisconsin Online
  12. Transport Processes Requiring ATP
  13. Hemolysis - Crenation McGraw-Hill
  14. Vesicular trafficking MCBE HOME VIRTUAL CELL
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DNA Replication, Sequencing, Mutation

  1. DNA Replication Pearson.
  2. DNA Replication Fork and More AnimationsPresident and Fellows of Harvard University
  3. DNA Library Animations Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
  4. DNA Replication McGraw-Hill
  5. DNA Replication by John Kyrk
  6. DNA Microarray Method Davidson College
  7. Chromosomes and Inheritance Genetic Science Learning Center
  8. Sequence For Yourself from PBS
  9. Gel Electrophoresis Dr. Thomas G. Chasteen at Sam Houston State University
  10. DNA Animaitons hhmi BioInteractive
  11. ReplicationLew-Ports Biology Place
  12. DNA Interactive Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
  13. DNA Replication Wiley
  14. DNA Sequencing Wiley
  15. DNA Animations YOur Genome Web Site
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Transcription and Translation

  1. Translation Pearson Education
  2. Transcription Pearson Education
  3. Virtual Cell's Educational Animations MCBE
  4. Molecular Genetics in Dutch Gerard Scholte & Ineke Marree
  5. Translation President and Fellows of Harvard University
  6. DNA Workshop from PBS
  7. Transcribe and Translate a Gene Genetic Science Learning Center
  8. Protein Synthesis McGraw-Hill
  9. Translation Animation Brooks/Cole
  10. Protein Synthesis Wisconsin Online
  11. Translation (advanced detail) HHMI
  12. RNAi
  13. RNAi Animation Nature
  14. RNAi Explained Nova
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Cellular Respiration and Enzymes

  1. Whole Process and Enzymes
  2. Whole Process Sumanas Inc.
  3. Enzyme Pathways McGraw-Hill
  4. Metabolism - Metabolic Pathways Pearson
  5. Enzyme Kinetics Wiley
  6. Enzyme Inhibition Wiley
  7. Glycolysis
  8. Glycolysis by John Kyrk
  9. Acetyl CoA and Krebs (TCA)(Citric Acid) Cycle
  10. Virtual Cell's Educational Animations MCBE
  11. TCA (Citric Acid) Cycle by Rodney F. Boyer
  12. Citric Acid Cycle Purdue University
  13. Fatty Acid Respiration Campbell Interactive Chemistry
  14. The Pruvate Dehydrogenase Complex Campbell Interactive Chemistry
  15. Acetyl CoA and Krebs Cycle by June B. Steinberg
  16. Oxidative Phosphorylation
  17. ATP Synthase Gradient: The Movie Virtual Cell
  18. ATP Synthase Movie Created by Donald Nicholson at University, Leeds, England
  19. Production of ATP by Oxidative Phosphorylation
  20. Electron Transport by June B. Steinberg
  21. Oxidative Phosphorylation Campbell Interactive Chemistry
  22. Electron Transport McGraw-Hill
  23. Electron Transport by Rodney F. Boyer
  24. Oxidative Phosphorylation Purdue University
  25. Powering the Cell Mitochondria Harvard Education
  26. Redox Reactions Crash Course
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Skin, Skeleton and Joints

  1. Skin (Integument)
  2. Wound Care Tutorial Oxford Medical Education
  3. How We get Our Skin Color HHMI
  4. Skin and Integument Wisconsin Online
  5. Skin Receptors Sumanas Inc.
  6. Inflammatory Response Sumanas Inc.
  7. The Skin and Suncare Argosy Medical
  8. Regional Body Terminology Wisconsin Online
  9. Body Cavities Wisconsin Online
  10. Abdominal Quadrants Wisconsin Online
  11. Skin Structure especially Nerves National University of Singapore
  12. Histology Review Marieb
  13. Acne SMART Imagebase
  14. Skeleton
  15. Bone Labeling Exercises McGraw-Hill
  16. Skeletal Animations Argosy Medical
  17. The Appendicular Skeleton Wisconsin Online
  18. The Axial Skeleton Wisconsin Online
  19. The Vertebral Column Wisconsin Online
  20. Cranial Anatomy by Dale A. Charletta
  21. Bone Structure of the Skull Science Kids
  22. Common Musculoskeletal Fractures Wisconsin Online
  23. Bone Review Marieb
  24. Joints
  25. Knee, Shoulder, Hip and Spine Swarm Interactive, Inc.
  26. Intervertebral Disc Problems Bay Area Pain Medical Associates
  27. Health A Comparison of Three Arthritic Conditions Wisconsin Online
  28. Anatomy of the Hip Wisconsin Online
  29. Interactive Spine Animations
  30. Hand Kinesiology The University of Kansas
  31. Back Pain
  32. Degenerative Disc Disease Bay Area Pain Medical Associates
  33. Classification of Joints Wisconsin Online
  34. Movement Terminology Wisconsin Online
  35. What is Rheumatoid Arthritis
  36. What is Osteoarthritis
  37. Rheumatology The Pathological Processes Leading to Persistence and Destructiveness of Synovitis Mechanisms in Medicine
  38. Tendinitis, Bursitis and Impingement Syndrome DePuy Companies
  39. Synovitis DePuy Companies
  40. Arthritis SDePuy Companies
  41. Dislocation/Instability DePuy Companies
  42. Describing Skeletal Muscles: A Review of Muscle Attachments And Actions VisibleBody Learn Site
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Muscular System

  1. Muscle Structure and Function
  2. jonction_neuromusculaire lycee.nicolas-cohen.
  3. Human Cadaver Dissections University of Wisconsin - Madison Medical School
  4. Sarcomere Shortening McGraw-Hill
  5. YouTube Muscle Anatomy
  6. Muscle Review Marieb
  7. Muscles of the Scapula Wisconsin Online
  8. Sliding Filament Theory
  9. Sliding filament by Gary G. Matthews
  10. Muscle Contraction Sumanas INc.
  11. Molecular Mechanisms of Muscle Contraction WHFreeman
  12. Actin and Myosin Wiley
  13. Muscle Contraction Brook/Cole Chemistry
  14. Muscle Cell Contraction Wisconsin Online
  15. Neuromuscular Junction
  16. Neuromuscular Junction Simulation GalaxyGoo
  17. synapse by Gary G. Matthews
  18. Sodium Potassium Pump Campbell Interactive Chemistry
  19. Structure of the Muscle Organ Wisconsin Online
  20. Muscle receptors and Spinal Reflexes by Tutis Vilis
  21. Pelvic Muscles, Nerves, Bones, Visera Columbia Univeristy
  22. Retrograde Movement of Tetanus Toxin to an Inhibitory Neuron W. W. Norton & Company
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Neurons and Synapse Action

  1. Neuron Struction, Synapse Action, Action Potential, etc. Totally Awesome from U. Toronto
  2. Interactive Neuron Labeling Cengage Learning
  3. The electrical activity of neurons Howard Hughes Medical Institute
  4. Nevous System Animations McGraw-Hill
  5. Physiological Events at the Neural Synapse Wisconsin Online
  6. Neurobiology Annenberg/CPB
  7. Neuronal Development Sumanas Inc.
  8. Neuron and Nevous System Structure
  9. Neuron Regeneration nabil ebraheim
  10. Unipolar and Multipolar Neurons Wisconsin Online
  11. Neuroscience Animations Gary Fisk, Ph.D.
  12. Stem Cells and Multiple Sclerosis Sumanas Inc.
  13. Multiple Sclerosis Gardenia Gonzalez Gil
  14. Synapse
  15. Neural Communication University of Bristol
  16. Synaptic Transmission MCB-HHMI Outreach Program
  17. Neurons, synapses, and neurotransmission by The Mind Project (animation bottom of page)
  18. Mirror Neurons NOVA
  19. Introduction to the Nervous System Columbia University
  20. The Synapse, Neuron Structure, Toxins and Synapses Brain U
  21. Behavioral and Synaptic Plasticity (learning) Sumanas Inc.
  22. Synaptic Transmission Sumanas Inc.
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Membrane Potentials/Action Potentials

  1. Neuroscience Animations HHMI
  2. How Do Neurons Work? University of Bristol
  3. Neuron Transmissions lycee.nicolas-cohen
  4. Electrical Signaling in Neurons Sumanas Inc.
  5. Sodium Potassium Pump Prentic-Hall
  6. Action Potential
  7. Action Potential MCB-HHMI Outreach Program
  8. Impulse Conduction in Axons by NeuroSscience
  9. Saltatory Conduction by Wiley
  10. Action Potential Module Dr.Ian Winship of the University of Alberta
  11. Action Potential and Epilepsy DNA tube
  12. Action Potential Sumanas Inc.
  13. Long Term Potential - AMPA and NMDA Receptors Sumanas Inc.
  14. Graded Potentials - IPSP's and EPSP's
  15. Scene Menu -Check Spatial and Temporal Summation at Texas A&M
  16. Summation of Potentials Neurosciences
  17. Reflex
  18. Reflex Arcs Sumanas Inc.
  19. Parasympathetic Eye Response by Knowlege Weavers
  20. Two-Neuron Knee-Jerk Reflex Arc Wisconsin Online
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Central Nervous System

  1. Department of Neurobiology and Anatomy | University of Texas Medical School at Houston
  2. Brain
  3. Functions of the Brain Structures Prentice HaLL
  4. Limbic System, Central Core, Cerebral Cortex WGBH Educational Foundation
  5. 2D/3D Medical Animation: TBI - Traumatic Brain Injury MediVisuals
  6. Transport inside the brain: The basic mechanisms of neuronal trafficking Hoogenraad Lab
  7. Cerebral Cortex Freeman Worth
  8. Brain Anatomy Activities Christopher Cohan Ph.D.
  9. Circle of Willis by RM Chute
  10. Hyperbrain Neuroanatomy by Knowlege Weavers
  11. Brain Probe from PBS
  12. Basal Ganglia Pathway Controls Visual Perspectives / Karolinska Institutet
  13. Motor Cortex by Tutis Vilis
  14. Cerebellum and Basal Ganglia by Tutis Vilis
  15. Memory by Tutis Vilis
  16. Association Areas by Tutis Vilis
  17. Brain Power University of Washington
  18. How Prions Arise McGraw Hill
  19. Nervous System Animations Argosy Medical
  20. Spinal Cord Columbia University
  21. Spinal or Epidural Anaesthesia
  22. Peripheral Nervous System
  23. Neurological Exam University of Utah School of Medicine
  24. Autonomic Nervous System Freeman Worth
  25. Nervous System Pathways Columbia University
  26. Nervous System Pathways (cont.) Columbia University
  27. Vagus Nerve Pathways Columbia University
  28. Cranial Parasynpathetic Nerves Columbia University
  29. Facial Muscle control by Knowlege Weavers
  30. Control of eye muscles by Knowlege Weavers
  31. Pain Pathways Bay Area Pain Medical Associates
  32. Pathway Quizzes in Neuroanatomy (advanced) by Knowlege Weavers
  33. 12 Cranial Nerves Wisconsin Online
  34. Upper and Lower Motor Neurons Wisconsin Online
  35. Comparison of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems Gary Fisk, Ph.D.
  36. Facial Nerves, etc. Columbia University
  37. Three critical pathways including the Corticospinal Tract University of Utah School of Medicine
  38. CN IX tutorial - glossopharyngeal nerve University of Utah School of Medicine
  39. Orbit, autonomic innervation University of Utah School of Medicine
  40. Dermatones by Katelyn McDonald Medical Illustrator
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Drugs and Neurotransmitters & Mental Disorders

  1. Psychotropic Medications and Neurotransmitters Wisconsin Online
  2. The Effect of Drugs and Disease on Snaptic Transmission Harvard Education
  3. GABA Inhibition of Glutamate Bay Area Pain Medical Associates
  4. Acute Pain Bay Area Pain Medical Associates
  5. How Drugs Affect Neurotransmitters INMHA
  6. Types of DrugsFreeman Worth
  7. How does Prozac Work? Freeman Worth
  8. Pharmacologic Action of Meth
  9. How is Pain Produced University of Edinburgh
  10. The Science of Addiction University of Utah, Genetic Science Learning Center
  11. Stimulants and Antidepressants Dr. Ian Winship of the University of Alberta
  12. Mouse Party University of Utah, Genetic Science Learning Center
  13. Tranquilizers and CNS Depressants Dr.Ian Winship of the University of Alberta
  14. Depression Visual MD
  15. Mental Disorders NIMH
  16. How does anesthesia work? - Steven Zheng
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Special Senses

  1. Assessing Cranial Nerves Wisconsin Online
  2. Cranial Nerves Wisconsin Online
  3. Ear, Equilibrium and Sound
  4. The Cochlea HHMI
  5. Inner Ear Maculae BBC
  6. Sense Web - University of Western Ontario by Tutis Vilis
  7. Hearing by Tutis Vilis
  8. Balance by Tutis Vilis
  9. Anatomy of the Ear Wisconsin Online
  10. Sense of Hearing Wisconsin Online
  11. Sound Transduction Sumanas Inc.
  12. Effect of Sound Waves on the Cochlea McGraw-Hill
  13. Ear Structure Columbia University
  14. Sound Transduction Cranial Nerves in Health and Disease, Linda Wilson-Pauwels
  15. The Vestibular System Sumanas Inc.
  16. Eye and Light
  17. Eye Animations and Videos Hopkins Medicine
  18. Eye Structure lycee.nicolas-cohen
  19. Visual Pathways in the Human Brain Sumanas Inc.
  20. Structure of the Eye Freeman Worth.
  21. Receptive Fields in the Retina Sumanas Inc.
  22. Visual Pathways Freeman Worth
  23. Visual Fields and Hemispheres Freeman Worth
  24. Eye Movements by Tutis Vilis
  25. Visual Preception of Objects by Tutis Vilis
  26. Visual Preception of Motion by Tutis Vilis
  27. Eye Structure and Function by Tutis Vilis
  28. Visual Cortex by Tutis Vilis
  29. Streams for Visual Guided Actions by Tutis Vilis
  30. The Sense of Sight Wisconsin Online
  31. Eye Orbit Columbia Education
  32. Eye Movies (bottom of page) University of Utah School of Medicine
  33. Chemical - Olfaction and Gustatory
  34. Taste Animation BBC
  35. The Sense of Taste Wisconsin Online
  36. The Sense of Smell Wisconsin Online
  37. The Sense of Smell Freeman Worth
  38. Olfactory Receptor Stimulation BBC
  39. General Senses
  40. Touch receptors by Tutis Vilis
  41. Muscle Sense by Tutis Vilis
  42. Receptors of the Skin Sumanas Inc.
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  1. Human Growth Hormone Dr. Oz
  2. Pituitary Hypothalamus and Endocrine Function Sinauer
  3. Endocrine topices Marieb
  4. Hormonal Communication McGraw-Hill
  5. The Endocrine System McGraw-Hill
  6. Hormones and their effects Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry
  7. hypothalamus-pituitary_ Endocrine axis WH Freeman
  8. Signal Transduction(2nd messenger)
  9. Drag/Drop Hormone Match ZeroBio
  10. Endocrine Gland Animations MEDLINEplus
  11. The Action of Hormones Wisconsin Online
  12. Insulin and Diabetes
  13. Type 1 Diabetes Nucleus
  14. The Role of Insulin in the Human Body Mechanisms in Medicine Inc.
  15. Dual Roles of the Pancreas Argosy Medical
  16. Glucose Homeostasis Gerard Scholte & Ineke Marree
  17. Glucose Metabolism for the Endocrine System Wisconsin Online
  18. Diabetes (advanced level) ABPI Resources for Schools
  19. Anatomy of the Endocrinte System by University of Kentucky
  20. Blood Suganr Regulation in Diabetes McGraw-HIll
  21. Types of Diabetes GXS
  22. Gestational Diabetes Nucleus
  23. ACTOS MOA Links Studio
  24. Adrenal Gland
  25. Hormone Epinephrine Sumanas Inc.
  26. Action of Adrenalin ZeroBio
  27. Adrenaline Action University of Washington
  28. ADH and Adrenalin Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry
  29. Thyroid Gland
  30. Thyroid Gland Functioning by Leif Saul
  31. Hypothalamus PathwaysUniversity of Utah
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