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Physical Geology References

"We have to be prepared always for the possibility that each new discovery,
no matter what science furnishes it, may modify the conclusions we draw " - Alfred Wegener
General Geology Links Chemicals/Minerals Volcanism/Extrusive Rocks Intrusive Activity/Igneous Rocks Weathering/Soils
Sediments/Sedimentary Rock Metamorphic Rocks Geologic Structures Earthquakes Earth Interior
Sea Floor Plate Tectonics Mountain Belts/Continental Crust Time and Geology Mass Wasting
Stream Action/Landscaping Ground Water Glaciers Deserts/Wind Action Waves/Beaches/Coasts

Earth Science Picture of the Day

Maps and National Parks Geology

  1. The National Parks Service
  2. AIPG in Texas
  3. Big Bend National Park - TAMU
  4. TCU Site with Lots of Info on Big Bend
  5. Visible Earth from NASA
  6. Color Landform Atlas of the United States
  7. OnLine Geolgy Field Trips University of Houston
  8. Topographic Maps and Hiking Trails
  9. A Tapestry of Time and Terrain USGS
  10. Geologic Mapping in Progress USGS
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General Geology Sites

  1. USGS
  2. Better Living throught Geospatial Analysis - NASA
  3. National Geophysical Data Center - NOAA
  4. Virtual Field Trips
  5. Dr. Ron Blakey - Professor of Geology
  6. General Dictionary of Geology (.pdf)
  7. Physical Maps - National Geographic
  8. EarthZone - News
  9. Paleo-Net
  10. Geology Sources
  11. NASA -Planet Earth
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Atoms, Elements and Minerals

  1. The Mineral Gallery- Physical Characteristics
  2. Minerals
  3. Smithsonian Mineral and Gem Collection
  4. Texas Geology and Minerals
  5. Geologyporn Gallery
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Volcanism and Extrusive Rocks

  1. Tungsten Resources: A Kid's Guide to Volcanoes
  2. How Volcanoes Work
  3. USGS Site on Volcanoes
  4. Hawaiian Volcano Observatory
  5. Giant Volcanoes: New Prediction Problem - Why Files
  6. Volcano Hazards Program USGS
  7. Volcano World
  8. Plate Tectonics Animation: with an interactive map, volcanoes, quakes, rates of plate motion
  9. Welcome to the Michigan Technological University Volcanoes Page
  10. The Plus Side of Volcanoes USGS
  11. Types of Eruptions
  12. Volcanic Explosive INdex
  13. Toba super-volcano catastrophe idea 'dismissed' BBC
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Intrusive Activity and the Origin of Igneous Rocks

  1. Igneous Rocks Pictures of Intrusive and Extrusive Igneous Rock Types
  2. 10 Common Igneous Rocks Cochise College
  3. Igneous Rock Classification
  4. Igneous Rock Identification Richard Harwood
  5. Characteristics of Igneous Rocks
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Weathering and Soils

  1. Weathering and Erosion One Geology
  2. PBS Erosion and Weathering
  3. Discovery Video
  4. Interactive on the Rock Cycle
  5. The Rocky Cycle and Many Other Explanations Geological Society
  6. Rocky Cycle Animation University of Kentucky
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Sediments and Sedimentary Rocks

  1. The Making of Sedimentary Rocks USGS
  2. Classification USGS
  3. Sedimentary Rocks
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Metamophism, Metamorphic Rock and Hypothermal Rocks

  1. Metamorphic Rocks Transformation At Work
  2. Metamorphism of Rocks: Definition, Process & Influencing Factors Education Protal
  3. Classification due to Heat and Pressure Indiana University - Purdue University Fort Wayne
  4. Metamorphic Rocks Pictures of Foliated and Non-Foliated Rock Types
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Geological Structures

  1. Geology from Space Lunar and Planetary Institute
  2. Geological Structure
  3. Geology of the Pacific Northwest Virtual Field Sites
  4. Caving Canada
  5. Virtual Field Trip Guides : United States and Canada University of Texas Libraries
  6. Geology of the Sideling Hill Road Cut
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  1. San Andreas Fault
  2. Earthquake Hazards Program USGS
  3. Earthquakes, Plate Tectonics and Structural Geology Resources John C. Butler
  4. Live Interactive Sesimic Server -USGS
  5. Things to Learn about Earthquakes
  6. Stanford scientists use 'virtual earthquakes' to forecast Los Angeles quake risk
  7. World's Biggest Tsunami
  8. Tsunami Info from USC
  9. Tsunami from Washington State
  10. Earthquake Articles, Information, News and Facts
  11. The Modified Mercalli Scale of Earthquake Intensity Association of Bay Area Governments
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The Earth Interior

  1. The Dynamic Earth
  2. Earth's Structure What's inside the earth?
  3. Earth Layers University of Calfornia San Diego
  4. Weird Rocks Support New Model For Earth's Deep Mantle Huffington Post
  5. Why Geyers Erupt Old Faithful Virtual Vistor Center
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The Sea Floor

  1. Vents Program (NOAA)
  2. Sea Floor Spreading
  3. Sea Floor Mapping NOAA
  4. Sea Floor Spreading (wait for the animation)
  5. Lowest Elevation - Dead Sea
  6. Deepest Place in the Ocean
  7. Dive and Discover
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Plate Tectonics

  1. Plant Tectonics -
  2. Plant Tectonics - The Geological Society
  3. Savage Earth (Animations)
  4. Mountain Maker, Earth Shaker
  5. A Lesson in Plate Tectonics Extreme Science
  6. Paleomap Project
  7. USGS Dynamic Earth: Plate Tectonics
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Mountain Belts and the Continental Crust

  1. Highest Mountain On Each Continent
  2. Land Below Sea Level
  3. 50 States Highpoints
  4. Physical Maps Dynamic Maps
  5. US Relief Map
  6. Biggest Mountain
  7. Formation of the Himalayas
  8. Global Relief Maps
  9. National Geographic - Mount Everest
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Time and Geology

  1. Evolution John Kyrk
  2. Geological Timeline BBC
  3. Relative Dating Nature Education
  4. Absolute Dating and Radioactive Dating XSkullRaizerX
  5. UCMP - Geological Time
  6. UCMP - Geology and Geological Time
  7. Exploring Time & Space Paleoportal
  8. The Day The Mesozoic Died HHMI by Sean B. Carroll (2012)
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Mass Wasting

  1. Landslide Hazard Information and Types of Landslides
  2. Largest Landslides
  3. Types of Mass Wasting Plus More California State University, Long Beach
  4. Education Portal
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Streams, Stream Action and Landscape Development

  1. What is a Watershed?
  2. Stream Erosion
  3. Streamflow - The Water Cycle
  4. Natural Stream Processes
  5. Stream Channel Developmentr
  6. The morphological contrast between fluvial and glacial landscapes Nature
  7. Landscape Evolution Observatory (LEO) - Biosphere 2 Nature
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Ground Water

  1. Animated Water Cycle
  2. Surf Your WatershedEPA
  3. USGS Earths Water
  4. NASA Observatorium Hydrological Cycle
  5. The Hydrologic Cycle
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  1. National Ice Center
  2. All About Glaciers
  3. Gifts of the Glaciers
  4. Antarctic
  5. Glaciers and Glaciation- Ice Sheets and Glacial Lakes
  6. Glaciers and Glacial Ages
  7. West Antarctic Ice Sheet Is Collapsing
  8. Illustrated Glossary of Alpine Glacial Landforms - Uwsp
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Deserts and Wind Action

  1. Weather Basics NOAA
  2. Weather Basics USA Today
  3. Forces and Winds
  4. Extreme Weather
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Waves, Beaches and Coasts

  1. Oceanography - Office of Naval Research
  2. The Tide Pool Page Sea World
  3. Costal Erosion
  4. Texas General Land Office
  5. NOAA - Costal Relief Maps
  6. What is an El Nino
  7. What is an La Nina
  8. Global Sea Level Rise Map
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