Anatomy and Physiology Resources

Science Animations for Grade School

"Children are the living messages we send to a time we will not see." - John W. Whitehead
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General or Mutiple Animation References

  1. All of the best K-5 online, interactive, educational games and simulations in one place!
  2. Science Kids Videos
  3. USGS Kids - Games, Puzzles, Coloring etc.
  4. Bitesize Animations KS1,KS2 and KS3 BBC
  5. Science Storebooks for all Science
  6. Frostbite Theater Jefferson Lab
  7. NASA Science Activities & Simulations
  8. Science Animations Grades 1 - 6 Harcourt
  9. Science Online
  10. Discovery Kids
  11. Animations for many Types of Education
  12. Childrens's University of Manchester Childrens University
  13. Learning Planet
  14. Scicence Animations for KS1 and KS2
  15. Educational Animations for all Learning Ready
  16. All Fields of Education eLearning for Kids
  17. Games and Activities based on the Ecosystem Eco Kids
  18. Educational Videos, Quizzes and Games for Kids in Kindergarten, Elementary, Middle and High Schools NeoK12
  19. Educational Games and APPs ABCya
  20. Lessons Worth Sharing TedEd
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  1. Solar System Exploration NASA
  2. Play NASA's The Space Place
  3. Infrared Zoo and Lots More Informations Cool Cosmos
  4. Kid's Astronomy
  5. Exoplanets Cool Cosmos
  6. Nine Planets
  7. Phases of the Moon Animation Harcourt
  8. What is a Black Hole? ...NASA Space Science
  9. The Planets + Other Space Topics Childrens University
  10. NASA Space Science National Geographic - Monster Black Holes YouTube
  11. Black Holes by Sylvia Latimer... at Deerwood Elementary
  12. Cosmos 4Kids
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  1. Thank you Plankton
  2. The Secret Lives of Flowers Exploratorium
  3. How to Use the Microscope Wisconsin Online
  4. Leaf Structure by Purchon
  5. Adaptations and Survival
  6. Images of Life on Earth ARKive
  7. Penquin, Penquin Easy Storybook Starfall
  8. Organization of Living Things
  9. Living Things BBC
  10. Pathogens Sharon Emerson
  11. Biology Animations YouTube
  12. Free Flash animations on many Biology Topics BY PHILLIP MARTIN
  13. A Walk in the Forest Smithsonian National Zoo
  14. Food Chain Activity Eco Kids
  15. Biology Songs for Grade School by Peter Weatherall
  16. Cardiovascularn and Genetics Tech Topics
  17. Biology 4Kids
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  1. Measuring Volume Using a Graduated Cylinder Wisc-Online
  2. Reading a Triple Beam Balance Wisc-Online
  3. Hydrogen Bonds and Water from Northland Community and Technical College
  4. Salt Dissolving in Water from Northland Community and Technical College
  5. Materials - Bitesize BBC
  6. Chemistry Interactives KScience
  7. Chemistry Interactives + check Experiments on the Menu BAr KScience
  8. Chemistry videos Science Kids
  9. Atoms Sharon Emerson
  10. Nanotechnology Sharon Emerson
  11. Interactive on Matter Tech Topics
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  • Chemistry 4Kids
  • Geology

    1. Geology For Kids
    2. Green House Effect More diagrams and animations from Earth Guide
    3. One Geology
    4. Watch Science Unfold and Jump into Science Stories Smithsonian Institution
    5. Geography KBears
    6. Do something today to reduce greenhouse gas emissions! EPA Gov
    7. Rock Cycle Diagram Annenberg Foundation
    8. Plate Tectonics Bing Videos
    9. Earthquake preparedness security for your home Live Watch
    10. Water Cycle EPA
    11. Plate Tectonics University of Calfornia San Diego
    12. Earth Layers University of Calfornia San Diego
    13. Plate Movement University of Calfornia San Diego
    14. Ocean Floor Dynamics University of Calfornia San Diego
    15. Tsunami Animation
    16. Hurricane Information NBC
    17. Earth Quake Information for Kids USGS
    18. Ocean KBears
    19. Dinosaurs KBears
    20. Earthquakes Curriculum Bits
    21. Why Geyers Erupt Old Faithful Virtual Vistor Center
    22. Geography 4Kids
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    Human Body

    1. Chambers of the Heart plus other Human Body Amimations sciencewithme
    2. Structure of a Neuron Smart Learning for All
    3. Teeth + many more series of Education Videos
    4. Human Body Videos Science Kids
    5. Kid Science Stanley the Skeleton
    6. Interactive Lesson Samples Ignite Learning
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    1. Literacy - KS1 BBC Bitesize
    2. Letter Songs PBS
    3. Naming Nouns + Other Literacy Topics Childrens University
    4. Common and Proper Nouns e Learning
    5. Spanish for Children 123 Teach Me
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    1. Bitesize Math - KS1 BBC Bitesize
    2. Bitesize Math - KS2 BBC Bitesize
    3. Doing Math to Color
    4. Primary Math - KS1
    5. Mental Math
    6. Multiply and dividing by 10,100,1000,etc.
    7. Time and Money Games
    8. Practice Math and English Language Arts IXL
    9. Math Games Kids Math Games ONline
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    Physical Science

    1. Newton's Laws of Motion Rice University
    2. Newton's 3 Laws, with a bicycle Joshua Manley
    3. Light Magic
    4. Electrons and the Hairy Monster
    5. Electricity Song
    6. Physical Processes BBC Bitesize
    7. Rotating The Water Molecule Physics 2000
    8. Energy Conversion Harvard Education
    9. Colour Perception - Illusions e.chalk
    10. Blob chorus: ear training e.chalk
    11. Learning Electric Circuits Developed by Jenneration
    12. Welcome to Electricity Tech Topics
    13. Light Energy Sharon Emerson
    14. Magnetomouse Sharon Emerson
    15. Skateboard School Sharon Emerson
    16. Mixing Paint Colors
    17. Blobz Guide to Electric Circuits Developed by Andy Thelwell
    18. Physics 4Kids
    19. Amusement Park Physics
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