Anatomy and Physiology Resources

AP 1 lab Animations

Chapter 1 Introduction
Body Regions Anterior
Body Regions Posterior
Anatomical Directional Terms
Body Cavities and Serous Membranes
Anatomical Terminology_ Abdominopelvic regions/quadrants

Chapter 2 Chemistry
The Sci Guys: Science at Home - Acid Base Indicator
Red Cabbage Chemistry and Acid Breath
Milk of Magnesia - Cool Science Experiment
pH Respiratory Alkalosis
Acids, Alkalies and Neutralization

Chapter 3 Cell and Mitosis
Hypotonic/Isotonic/Hypertonic - Related to RBC's
How water can KILL you - in Plain English
Naked Egg and Osmosis
Growing and Shrinking Eggs
Stages of Mitosis

Chapter 4 Tissues
Cell Tissue
Introduction to Epithelial & Connective Tissues
Tissue Match Exercise
Tissue Organization. Tissue Identification

Chapter 5 Integument
How we get Our Skin Color
Video Describing Skin Model
Skin of the Armpit
Skin of the Hairy Scalp
Skin of the Epidermis/Dermis

Chapter 6 Skeleton
Wolff's Law - Bone Remodeling
Quick Review of The Compact Bone
Bone Videos Alex Imholtz
Skull Tutorial
Penn State-Skeletal System

Chapter 8 Articulations
Knee Anterior
Knee Posterior

Chapter 9 Muscles
Torso Muscles NHC
Sliding Filament Sarcomere
Muscle Cell Model
Types of Muscle Contraction
Muscles of the Abdomen and Chest
Another Muscle Cell Model
Muscle Man Model

Chapter 11 Intro to Nervous System
Neuron Structure

Chapter 12 Central Nervous System
Brain and Spinal Cord Models
Brain Dissection
Several Sheep Brain Dissection
The Sheeps Brain
Brain Meninges
Large vertebra cs.
Upright Spinal Cord
Large Back Spinal Cord/Muscles
Dura Mater
Brain Dural Sinuses

Chapter 13 Peripheral Nervous System
Peripheral Nervous System
Peripheral Nervous System Model
Nervous System Model
Cranial Nerves in Skull

Chapter 14 Autonomic Nervous System

Chapter 15 Senses
Spiral Organ of the Inner Ear
Inner Ear -Osseous Labyrinth
Tongue model anatomy and physiology