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Central Nervous System Autonomic Nervous System Gastrointestinal Sytsem/Nutrition
Cardiovascular/Renal Systems Endocrine Immune/Biologic Modifiers/Chemotherapeutic
Respiratory Antinfective/Antinflammatory Hematologic/Dermatologic/Ophthalmic/Otic

General or Mutiple Animation References

  1. Prescription Drug Information A-Z PDR Health
  2. Havidol- When More is not Enough
  3. Hybrid Medical Animation
  4. URI Animations
  5. Pharmacology Corner
  6. Pharmacogenomics University of Utah
  7. YouTube Drug Animations
  8. CAST Pharma
  9. PharmaXchange
  10. Basic Pharmacology Terms Matching Game Wisconsin-Online
  11. Mechanisms in Medicine Animation Library
  12. Welcome to Pharmacology 2011 - An interactive Wiki for NUR 3160 - Aurora University
  13. Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics

  14. Interactive Clinical Pharmacology
  15. Oral Meds Absorption
  16. Pharmacology: IV Absorption
  17. Drug Targets
  18. How to Read a Food and Drug Label Mayo Clinic
  19. Medication Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism and Excretion Animation Davis Plus
  20. Drug adherence and resistance Howard Hughes Medical Institute
  21. Many Medical Animations Amerra
  22. Enzyme Inhibition
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Central Nervous System Drugs

  1. Psychotherapeutics Agents Centre for Neuro Skills
  2. Psychotropic Medications and Neurotransmitters Wisconsin ONline
  3. The Anxiety Monster and How to Tame It Wisconsin ONline
  4. Analgesics Drugs that relieve pain

  5. BIS Technology Argosy Medical
  6. Drugs working on the Pain Pathway
  7. Classes of Medications for Treating Pain Bay Area Pain Medical Associates
  8. Glutamate and the Pain Pathway
  9. General Local Anesthetics

  10. Lidocaine products Transduction: Nociceptive Chemical Stimuli D.J. Wilkie & TNEEL Investigators
  11. Benzodiazepines mechanism of action Pharmacology Corner
  12. CNS Depressants and Muscle Relaxants

  13. Video presentations on antidepressants Psychopharmacology Institute
  14. Tranquilizers and CNS Drepressors Dr. Ian Winship of the University of Alberta
  15. Action of Alcohol in the Brain
  16. Affects of Depressants on the Central Nervous System Argosy Medical
  17. Antiepiletptic Drugs

  18. Understanding Seizures & Drugs Used to Control Them Pharmacology2011
  19. Anticonvulsants Neuroskills
  20. Inhibition of Transmission: Membrane Stabilizing Drugs (Anticonvulsants) D.J. Wilkie & TNEEL Investigators
  21. Antiparkinsonian Drugs

  22. Dopaminergic Drugs in Parkinson Disease Thomas P. Faulkner, Ph.D.Professor of Pharmacology
  23. Parkinson's Disease Treatment CAST PHARMA
  24. Psychotherapeutic Drugs

  25. Prozac Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor (SSRI) URIanimation
  26. Serotonin & Norepinephrine: Reuptake Inhibition
  27. Delivery of Therapeutics across the Blood-brain Barrier DNALC.SMA
  28. How Abilify is Thought to Work
  29. Video presentations on antipsychotic agents Psychopharmacology Institute
  30. CNS Simulants and Related Drugs

  31. Stimulants and Antidepressants Dr. Ian Winship of the University of Alberta
  32. Pharmacologic Action of Meth Rnceus
  33. Methamphetamine mechanism of addiction in the brain reward system Pharmacology Corner
  34. Abuse of ADHD drugs URIanimation
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Autonomic Nervous System

  1. Adrenergic Drugs

  2. Autonomic Pharmacology
  3. Epinephrine - Subcutaneous Injection High Impact Incorporated
  4. Epiniphrine Katy ISD Kevin Hall
  5. Adrenergic-Blocking Drugs

  6. Alpha-Adrenergic Blockers The Nebraska Medical Center
  7. Andrenergic & Andrenergic Blocking Drugs Pharmacology2011
  8. Cholinergic Drugs

  9. Memantine as an NMDA receptor antagonist
  10. HOW ARICEPT Is Thought to Work
  11. Cholinergics and Anticholinergics Pharmacology2011
  12. Cholinergic_Blocking Drugs

  13. Enablex RxList Inc.
  14. InterStim MOA -spinal nerve treatment for overactive bladder Metronic.Inc
  15. How botox works.
  16. BOTOX Mechanism of Action Video MedAnim
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Drugs Affecting the Cardiovacular and Renal Systems

  1. Positive Inotropic Drugs

  2. Digoxin Mechanism of Action: Animated Tutorial Pharmacology Corner
  3. Antidysrhythimic Drugs

  4. Vaughan-Williams Classification of Antiarrhythmic Drugs
  5. Antianginal Drugs
  6. Antihypertensive Drugs

  7. Renin Angiotensin Aldosterone System Mechanisms in Cardiology
  8. ACE Inhibitors Med Movie
  9. Angiotensin II Receptor Antagonists The Nebraska Medical Center
  10. Diuretic Drugs
  11. Diuretic action in the kidney URI University of Rhode Island
  12. Video animation on renal physiology and diuretics mechanism of action. Pharmacology Corner
  13. Antihypertensive Drugs Wisconsin Online
  14. Fluids and Electrolytes

  15. MedCalc: Pediatric Fluids and Electrolyte Therapy
  16. Fluids and Electrolytes Lecture
  17. Coagulation Modifiers Drugs

  18. Antiplatelet Drugs The Nebraska Medical Center
  19. Angiomax MOA - inhibits thrombin Medicines Company
  20. Lovenox and the Clotting Cascade
  21. Coagulation modifiers
  22. How Plavix Works
  23. Antilipemic Drugs

  24. HMG-Co Reuctas Inhibitors Pharmacology Corner
  25. Putting HMG CoA Reductase Inhibitors Into Action Medscape, LLC
  26. Animation of thiazolidinediones (TZDs) and fibrates mechanism of action. PPAR activation movie Pharmacology Corner
  27. Antilipemic Drugs
  28. Cholesterol Wiley
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Drugs Affecting the Gastrointestinal Sytsem

  1. Bowel Cleansing, Proton Pump Inhibitor, Monoclonal antibody against TNF alpha CAST PHARMA
  2. NurseReview.Org - Pharmacology Git Drugs SlideShare
  3. Gastroparesis and the Drug AMU-301 Link Studio
  4. SALIX COLAZAL Ulcerative Colitis MedAnim
  5. Activated Charcoal UTube
  6. Acid Controlling Drugs

  7. How Prevacid 24HR Works
  8. Proton Pump Inhibitors (PPI's) Pharmacology Corner
  9. Animation on Ranitidine (Zantac) H2 blocker
  10. Acid Controlling & Bowel Disorder Drugs Pharmacology2011
  11. NSAID for Migraine Headache Animation MedAnim
  12. Antidiarrheals and Laxatives

  13. How Imodium Works.
  14. HUMIRA - Mechanism of Action in Crohn's Disease
  15. Diverticulitis Slideshow MedicineNet
  16. Antiemetic and Antinausea Drugs

  17. Antiemetic & Antinausea Drugs Pharmacology2011
  18. Viatmins and Minerals

  19. How Cranberry Juice Prevents Urinary Tract Infections UTube
  20. Nutrition Supplements

  21. How L-Arginine Works in the Body BioStudio
  22. M5 Extreme MOA Hybrid Medical
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Drugs Affecting the Endocrine System

  1. NurseReview.Org Pharmacology Endocrine DrugsSlideShare
  2. Pituitary Drugs

  3. Thyroid and Antithyroid Drugs

  4. The Thyroid CAST PHARMA
  5. Antidiabetic Drugs

  6. Pharmacologic Management of Diabetes Mellitus Wisconsin Online
  7. Actos Mechanism of Action - Selective PPAR Modulation
  8. Actos™ MOA - Treatment for Type II Diabetes Link Studio
  9. Exubera Delivery Route Animation - Inhaled Insulin MedAnim
  10. Mechanisms of the glycaemic effects of sulfonylureas. University of Oxford
  11. Blood Sugar Regulation in Diabetics McGraw-HIll
  12. Adrenal Drugs

  13. Adrenal & Antidiabetic Agents Pharmacology2011
  14. Women's Health Drugs

  15. Drugs in Pregnacy Interactive Clinical Pharmacology
  16. Urinary Incontinenc in Women MedicineNet
  17. Showreel Women's Health CAST PHARMA
  18. Men's Health Drugs

  19. Understanding How VIAGRA Works Madelaine Lawrence, RN, PhD
  20. Prostate cancer diagnostics and treatment Cancer Treatment Center of America
  21. Prostate cancer vaccine CAST PHARMA
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Drugs Affecting the Respiratory System

  1. Respiratory System Drug Treatment Review Wisconsin ONline
  2. Pharmacology Respiratory Drugs SlideShare
  3. Antihistamines, Decongestants,Antitussives and Expectorants

  4. Respiratory System Medical Terminology by Kathy Webb
  5. New Targets for the Treatment of COPD/Asthma CAST PHARMA
  6. Bronchodilators and Other Respiratory Drugs

  7. MAKING SNPs MAKE SENSE - Albuterol Example University of Utah
  8. Anticholinergics (mechanism of action causing bronchodilatation) You Tube
  9. Respiratory Drugs Made Simple
  10. Medication for COPD (Health Short)
  11. Antihistamines, Decongestants, Antitussives & Expectorants Pharmacology 2011
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Antiinfective and Antiinflammatory Drugs

  1. Antibiotics
  2. Dual Action Ciprodex - Otitis Media Alcon Laboratories
  5. Penicillin Binding Protein Animation
  6. Antiviral

  7. Tamiflu PharmSquare
  8. Mode of action of NNRTIs -Nevirepine YouTube
  9. Tipranavir Mechanism - Protease Inhibitor YouTube
  10. Types of HIV drugs NAM Publications
  11. Guidelines for the Use of Antiretroviral Agents in HIV-1-Infected Adults and Adolescents
  12. Fusion inhibitor Youtube
  13. HIV: Mechanisms of Action of Protease Inhibitors (PIs) Mechanisms in Medicine
  14. AZT's Mechanism of Antiviral Activity Youtube
  15. Tamiful and viruses PharmaSquare
  16. Antiretroviral Drugs for HIV and AIDS RNCEUS
  17. Antitubercular

  18. Antitubercular Agents Slideshare
  19. Antifungal

  20. Antifungal Drugs
  21. How does Clotrimazole Work? Health 24
  22. Antiseptic and Disinfectant Agents

  23. General Background: Antibiotic Agents Tufts Education
  24. Table of Antibacterials Tufts Education
  25. Antimalarial, Antiprotozoal and Antihelmintic Drugs

  26. Intestinal worms Wellcome Trust
  27. Antiinflammatory, Antirheumatic and Related Drugs

  28. The Role of TNF in Joint Destruction Hybrid Medical
  29. Arthritis Center Johh Hopkins
  30. METHOTREXATE medical animation
  31. Novel Treatments for Rheumatoid Arthritis Mechanisms in Medicine
  32. What is Glucosomine?
  33. PROSORBA Column Treatments: possible Modes of Action ... RHEUMATOLOGY eLEARNING 2012
  34. How Celebrex Works
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Miscellaneous Therapeutics: Hematologic, Dermatologic, Ophthalmic and Otic Drugs

  1. Blood-Forming Drugs

  2. Drugs acting on blood and blood forming organs Dr Urmila Aswar
  3. Dermatologic Drugs

  4. Wound Healing Regenerx Mode of Action Regenerx
  5. Actinic Keratosis, Rosacea Treatment, Neurodermatitis CAST PHARMA
  6. Ophthalmic Drugs

  7. Descriptions of Eye Diseases and Condtions
  8. Good Hope Eye Dept
  9. Biotrue Multi-Purpose Solution
  10. Otic Drugs

  11. Anatomy of an Ear Infection MedicineNet
  12. Ciprodex OTIC Medical Animation MedAnim
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Immune and Biologic Modifiers and Chemotherapeutic Drugs

  1. Immunosuppressant Drugs

  2. RAPTIVA (efalizumab)
  3. Multiple Sclerosis - Rebif UTube
  4. Immunizing Drugs

  5. Monoclonal antibody drugs for cancer: How they work Mayo Clinic
  6. Antineoplastic Drugs - Cycle Specific Drugs

  7. About Iclusig® (ponatinib). ARIAD Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
  8. Xeloda MOA - oral chemotherapy inhibits S phase of mitosis Roche Laboratories
  9. R788 and b-cell lymphoma Rigel
  10. Cisplatin: Mechanism of Action
  11. Cancer Info pluse Gleevec: Mechanism of Action HHMI
  12. Gleevec: Mechanism of Action URI Animations
  13. Taxol Mechanism of Action Cancer Quest
  14. Bleomycin URI Animations
  15. Antineoplastic Drugs - Miscellaneous Drugs

  16. Cancer Treatments HDR Brachytherapy Cancer Treatment centers of Americal
  17. MOA of clinical stage drug in treatment of Non-Hodgkin B-Cell Lymphoma Rigel Pharmaceuticals
  18. Rexin-G a Targeted Biological Agent (Targeted Nanoparticle + Designer Tumor-killing Gene) Epeius Biotechnologies
  19. Mechanism of Action of Anti-CTLA4 (tumor suppression) Pfizer Global Pharmaceutical
  20. Abraxane Mechanism of Action (metastic breast cancer) American Pharmaceutical
  21. GM-CSF/Tumor Vaccine Strategy John Hopkins
  22. Pancreatic Cancer Vaccine Research Johh Hopkins
  23. Starving Cancer (Cancer-Smart Bomb)Cancer Research UK
  24. Mechanism of Iressa Drug Resistance URIanimation
  25. Angiogenesis Inhibitors National Cancer Institute
  26. Multitargeted antifolate therapy Hybrid Medical
  27. Endocyte and Folate
  28. Biologic Response- Modifying Drugs

  29. Proposed mechanism of Action of Rituxan
  30. Tarceva® (erlotinib) tablets in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Genentech, Inc
  31. Tarceva Mechanism Of Action
  32. Gene Therapy and Pharmacogenomics

  34. Kuvan Mechanism of Action - PKU
  35. Pharmacological Chaperones in Lysosomal Storage Disorders Amicus Therapeutics, Inc
  36. Gene Therapy and Pharmocogenomics BioInfo
  37. Drug Development Today and Tomorrow University of Utah
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